Amazing Experience

The experience was really amazing, how you were able to take the mouse and work out my immediate hard drive situation using the interface software.  I would of course recommend August Belly Systems as long as you are the technician.  Once again, thank you!

Jackson J. — Tonganoxie

Lifelong Customer

I’m from the generation where computers are a bit, aw, very scary and definitely unfamiliar territory. Let’s just say… I know enough to be dangerous  and that could be a bad thing!  I want to turn it on, have it work and not give me alot of messages that I don’t want or worse yet know how to translate into english.  Enter Matt, he came to my rescue and helped me and didn’t make me feel like I’m dumb……Thank you Matt, you have a lifelong customer and just know that I will be calling on you again and again!  Thank you for providing that great customer service and knowledge that I needed to keep me up to date and happy with my computer!

Vanessa K. Shawnee

English-speaking IT Whiz

I finally found a computer repair person who speaks my language, old-fashioned English.
I know a little bit about computers… how to turn one on, how to click to get to my web browser and my word processor, and how to shut it down (or not – I’m still not sure on that one.)

Over time, I realized my computer had slowed down and become less “user friendly.”

I finally discovered Matt, and he came over to “take a look.” He was a really nice guy with a good sense of humor and a vocabulary I could easily understand. We sat down together at my computer and he asked me what the problem was. (I liked that he didn’t ignore me and just start banging away, going into in mysterious computer areas I’d never seen before in my life, as earlier repair guys had.)

Not only did he quickly discover my problem and tell me what he was doing to fix it, he found a whole lot of other things I had no idea I had on my computer, which he removed or changed to work better.

He made it seem easy, just like it “seems easy” when Ken Griffey, Jr. hits a home run.

I can’t tell you how much better it feels to have a clean, fast functioning computer again.

I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who has any kind of “ghosts” in their machine. He is a reasonable guy with reasonable prices and I’d use him again in a nanosecond.

Steve J. — Lenexa

iHelp for my iPod

I had a network connection problem between my new router and my iPod Touch, and I was trying to find an affordable way to get help due to my disability. That’s when I found August Belly Systems. The owner, Matt, saved me for pulling my hair out. He was nice and knew what he was doing; his knowledge was on the point once I explained to him what was going on. I would recommend him to anyone.

John M. – Kansas City