Nadine’s Story (StoryCorps Recording)

by August Belly Systems on September 13, 2010

On Monday, Sept. 13th, 2010, my wife interviewed my eighty year-old mother-in-law about her experiences growing up Black in Topeka, Kansas.  The interview was part of the nationally renown StoryCorps project.  The conversation included topics of segregation, her family’s involvement with Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka (my mother-in-law’s uncle was McKinley Burnett), school integration, my father-in-law’s integration of the Topeka fire department, desegregation of the town’s restaurants, and a few other stories (including having Count Basie as a house guest).

This recording may or may not make the final cut for airing on NPR, but here is the full recording, unedited, including the voices of my beautiful wife, my mother-in-law, and the StoryCorps facilitator–who occasionally pops in with a few questions of her own.

Please click on the picture below to start the recording, and enjoy!

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